Monday, September 21, 2009

MIA Exhibition

As curator for the new museum, I, Samantha Basques, am putting a new spin on things and the meanings of the work. Selfishly, I am warping the true meanings of the artists' work, and I am putting music to each piece of artwork. For just a taste, I'll give you the first few rooms of the museum, each piece of work associated with the top songs on my music playlist.

The first piece of work is by an unknown artist done in oil on stretched canvas. The depiction in the painting is that of a young woman's body, clothed in a blue frock and white lace garments accentuating her dress. The face of the figure however, is strikingly male. Due to this oddity, this painting wins the song title, "Dude Looks Like a Lady," by Aerosmith.

The second piece of art you'll see coming through my museum is the small, 10x15 inch carved depiction of Christ's last three days on Earth. While it's a moving piece, with the incredibly amazing detail included, this piece of artwork earns the song "Lord, Have Mercy on Me" by Outrageous Cherry.

Coming to the third piece of artwork, your eyes will land on the simplicity of the red and blue graphically designed poster. The beautifully crafted inspires a memory of happier times in the viewer, and will create a wishful feeling with "No Rain," by Blind Melon.

The fourth piece of art work you'll happen across is the oil painting on canvas "Through Birds, Through Fire, But Not Through Glass," by Yves Tangry. In a surreal set-up, Tangry displays a crazy set of objects, seemingly randomly placed, but as the viewer continues to study the painting, he or she will see the cleverly placed objects form a picture. Can you see it? The strange and surreal aspects of this painting land it in at "Nine in the Afternoon," by Panic at the Disco.

The fifth piece of artwork is that of a extremely vuluptuous female figure. Not only is she naked, but she is in a rather, suggestive pose. This piece earns the song title "Curse of Curves," by Cute is What We Aim For.

The sixth and last work of art is a large scale digital print titled "The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters." by an unknown artist. This print depicts a man sleeping, or burying his head into his desk while a swarm of hauntingly frightening birds flying around him, creating pity for the man as he is obviouly preturbed and upset by these creatures. This print deserves the song of "Monsters" by Matchbook Romance.

Note: If you haven't heard any of the songs mentioned, you should probably listen to them or clips of them.. all are located on youtube. If you don't listen to them, you probably won't understand the similarities to the work and the song.

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  1. Because you are arranging the art based on a soundtrack (Very cool creative by the way - and something after my own heart - so I admit bias) - is by posting the links to those y-tube videos - so people can listen while they look. When I have extra time - it's what I do on my playlists at the radio show - but in this case- I think you need to. You can't assume that people (and because most people are lazy) - that your audience is familiar with all of these bands - so as a device to get people coming back to your site again and again - and this could be a HUGE thing for you - is create visual-audio playlists - curatorial arrangements that would be fantastic! I'd come to hear / see that. A chance for adds and income as well. Keep this in mind.
    There's your million dollar idea for the day. Your own idea. Just do it!