Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sept 15th Assignment "I Love New York"

Created by Milton Glaser, the "I Love New York" symbol has become a renown and iconic symbol of our generation. Not only has it originated and created a wide band of merchandise, it's become the beginning of a new era. Following the "New York" image, comes a long line of successors and look-alike images.

One wonders why the "I Love New York" symbol is so iconic in the first place. Is it the simplicity of the symbol itself, and in being so simple embeds itself in the minds of anyone who sees it? It's a symbol that sticks with you once you see it, and continually recognize throughout the rest of your life. The symbol has grown to worldwide infamy and status. It's no longer available just to New Yorkers, but everywhere around the nation, and from there, the world.


  1. I really love how you chose to do the "I heart NY" symbol, very interesting. I agree with how you say it may be so iconic because it is so simple. Everyone knows what it means and it is constantly being recreated. I'm sure I wouldn't be able to find anyone who hasn't seen either this or something like it.

  2. I think what you wrote about this symbol applies not only to this symbol but other famous and widely recognized artworks/symbols. Again, I would have the same questions as you. What is it about this symbol? It really is simple and I believe that's why it is so interesting to question what about it works so well.

  3. Simply put - just outstanding Sam. Clear, strongly stated, some historical background on an image that is so iconic and yet I have not seen a name attached to it ever. Great to see you take on graphic design as well, rather than a painting or sculpture like I typically see. Original, well written, great work.
    Great comments written about this as well!

  4. This is still my favorite of your posts